Client: ABI Mouldings

Project: Web Site, Digital Branding

Technologies Utilized: CFML, HTML, and Macromedia Flash

Built in early 1999, this site was absolutely revolutionary for it’s time.

Developed purely in Macromedia Flash, (Later Adobe Flash), with dynamic content driven by Allaire’s ColdFusion, (later bought by Macromedia and then Adobe), this site won awards for it’s functionality and uniqueness.

There was simply nothing else like it on the web at the time.

It was indisputable proof that Flash and dynamic content could be melded together for an e-commerce and product driven web site, and it excelled at it. While this became commonplace 4 or 5 years later, at the time it was simply unheard of.

The site allowed customers to browse mouldings as 3-dimensional renderings, get information on installation and maintenance – and as the coup-de-grace, it had a “virtual room” function, which allowed them to see what the mouldings would actually look like in place.

This was all created and built in 1999 folks.

Revolutionary & forward thinking.

Don’t forget to check out the site using the link below. Most of it can still be viewed on the web archive.

Skills Used:

Project Management
Macromedia Flash
Allaire ColdFusion
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