Client: ConocoPhillips Canada

Project: Web Site, Educational Portal, Digital Branding

Technologies Utilized: CFML, HTML, MySQL, CSS and JQuery

Built thru Media Dog Productions, presents a compelling approach to building relationships with communities and stakeholders. The Sustainability Portal demonstrates ConocoPhillips Canada’s commitment to a balanced approach in business development, addressing issues such as safety, the environment, social and economic factors.

Through engagement features such as interactive maps, online surveys and community outreach programs, ConocoPhillips Sustainable Development Portal aims to educate visitors about their initiatives in areas such as biodiversity, public safety, land management and more, all presented in an easily accessible and user-friendly manner.

ConocoPhillips values its relationship with surrounding communities. As part of the Sustainable Development initiative, several engagement tools were integrated into the site to allow individuals and communities to communicate directly with ConocoPhillips, share online info easily and subscribe to important information on how ConocoPhillips is leading the industry in sustainable development.

Skills Used:

Senior Design
Project Management
Digital Strategy
Web: CSS, HTML, CFML, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL
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