Client: Winsport Canada

Project: Web Site, Online Store, Digital Brand, Marketing

Technologies Utilized: CFML, HTML, MySQL, CSS and JQuery

Training Facilities, Recreation Programs and World Class Sporting events make Winsport one of Calgary’s and Canada’s most dynamic athletic training and recreation destinations.

Winsport Canada’s website, powered by Media Dog’s Conductor Content Management System which was created by Joel Sinclair, delivers a robust online experience for users looking for information such as park activities, program schedules, competition calendars and media information. Content is created via Conductor’s WYSIWYG web page editor and can be scheduled for publishing through Conductor’s Content Calendar feature. Content management is quick, simple and effective.

With the added layer of social media properties such as Facebook and Twitter, Winsport Canada’s website is an effective online marketing tool and online portal that enables the organization to better engage its audience with targeted content and timely information.

Skills Used:

Digital & Offline Strategy
Senior Design
Project Management
Web: CSS, HTML, CFML, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL
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