Client: SAIT Career Exploration Centre

Task: Creation of SAITCity Brand & Experience

Usage: Web Site, E-learning, Infographics and Environmental Design

As a hands-on, experiential program, the Career Exploration Centre’s SAITCity program enhances youth understanding of careers, the career exploration process, and applied education. As an online e-learning and IRL hands-on experience, SAITCity teaches today’s youth how to find a career with clarity and purpose.


Client: SAIT Lamb Learner Success Centre

Task: Creation of multiple conceptual approaches for internal marketing

Usage: Retractibles, Printed Collateral

Objective: To promote awareness of each of the core support services of the Lamb Learner Success Centre

As the Lamb Learner Success Centre encompasses a high number of unique student support services, a different approach was taken for each in order to clearly illustrate their individual offerings.


Client: SAIT Continuing Education

Task: Creation of conceptual approaches and final large-scale printed material for multiple departments and schools

Usage: Retractibles and Tradeshow Booths for use in external and internal marketing

SAIT is a large educational organization that utilizes different levels of communication both internally and externally for multiple departments and schools. Each has it’s own marketing and communications needs and requires unique conceptual approaches to large scale printing and marketing.


Client: SAIT Youth Initiatives

Task: Creation of multiple approaches for letterhead and departmental communications

Usage: Editable PDF files and Microsoft Word Templates

Objective: To update and re-invigorate each department with it’s own unique look and feel

In order to make these offerings truly unique, I decided on taking an illustrative approach. Each masthead is designed to clearly communicate the purpose of each department in a clear, clean and fresh way.


Client: SAIT Academic Upgrading

Task: Creation of multiple conceptual approaches for internal and external marketing

Usage: Retractibles, Printed Collateral, Program Certificates

As SAIT Academic Upgrading is not a highly visible department, they wished to have greater presence both internally and externally. Both large-scale retractable designs as well as info cards and editable PDF certificates were created to help invigorate the department. Everything was needed, from photography all the way to final design and printed materials.


Client: SAIT Summer Camps

Project: Printed Marketing Materials and Interactive Digital Forms

SAIT Summer camps is a highly successful youth program that is facilitated by SAIT every year. In addition to printed catalogues, handbooks and marketing materials, they also require the use of interactive online forms for use in specific aspects of their offering. These forms are often created as interactive PDFs, but can also be found as traditional online forms.

Additionally, Summer Camps also wished to update their old identity and look to something more modern and creative. Three separate approaches were developed based on ideas that would resonate with younger students of today.


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